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The butcher shop “Metzgerei & Feinkost des Mair Hannes & Co KG/s.a.s.”, located at 39018 Terlan (BZ), Hauptstraße 9, tel. 0471/257114, fax 0471/258611, VAT No. 01069720215, E-mail info@hannesmair.com, hereinafter referred to as the “Supplier”, hereby offers online sales through the website www.hannesmair.com, under the terms and conditions set forth herein and according to the Consumer Protection Law and the decree of 09.04.2013, No. 70, issued in accordance with EU Directive 2000/31/EG of 08.06.2000.


2.1. “Online sales” refers to the sales contract through which the Supplier sells its goods to the Buyer online and therefore remotely over the Internet.

2.2. By “Buyer”, we mean the entity making the purchase under these conditions:

a) “Consumer” refers to the individual who makes the purchase for personal purposes and not for commercial, craft, or professional acquisitions.

b) A “Freelancer” (professionista) refers to an individual or legal entity making the purchase for their own business, craft, or service activities or acting as an intermediary in this capacity.

2.3. The “Supplier” refers to “Metzgerei & Feinkost des Mair Hannes & Co KG/s.a.s.”


Through this contract, the Supplier sells to the Buyer via the online shop those goods offered on www.hannesmair.com.


4.1. All prices are listed on the website (www.hannesmair.com), indicated in Euros (€), and are fixed either per product or per unit of weight.

4.2. These prices include VAT and any other applicable taxes. Shipping costs and any additional charges, if applicable and not included in the sale price, are clearly stated and calculated during the online purchase process. They will appear on the order form before the Buyer sends the order, where the total price will then be summarized.

4.3. The Supplier will issue an invoice or tax receipt and send it to the Buyer via email or include it directly in the shipping package. The invoice will be based on the information provided by the Buyer. Once the invoice is issued, the data cannot be modified.


5.1. Order Completion

The contract between the Supplier and Buyer is formed exclusively online when the Buyer uses the website www.hannesmair.com and follows the specified procedure, including adding items to the shopping cart. The Buyer is responsible for correctly completing the order.

5.2. Review and Order Dispatch

Once the order is fully completed, the Buyer will review all entered data by checking the website and the order summary. After verifying the order’s accuracy, the Buyer will confirm the order by clicking the “buy now” button. The order is sent by pressing this button, which also indicates the Buyer’s acceptance of the offer as presented on the Supplier’s website and full acceptance of the purchase terms and these general terms and conditions.


The contract is concluded the moment the Supplier registers the full payment on their account. This is a subsequent step after the Buyer sees the notification “your order has been successfully received” on their computer, which provides a summary of all data including buyer details, order details, price, any potential shipping fees, payment methods, delivery address, etc.

5.4. Order Confirmation Email

Upon receipt of the order, the Supplier will confirm the order by email and send it to the Buyer. This confirmation will include a summary of all crucial data (product type, price, delivery address, order number, etc.). The Buyer will review this data and, if needed, promptly notify the Supplier of any corrections via email. Subsequently, the Buyer is obliged to make the payment. Only upon the Supplier’s receipt of the full amount is the contract considered concluded, and the Supplier will then fulfill their part.

5.5. Product Availability – Special Offers

If the Supplier cannot fulfill the order due to temporary unavailability of the product, they will inform the Buyer via email and refund the paid amount. Any special offers are valid while stocks last.

5.6. Order Status

The Buyer can check the delivery/order status at any time by clicking on “Profile – my orders” on the website.


In accordance with Art. 55 of the Consumer Code and since this contract involves perishable goods, the Buyer does not have the right to withdraw as per Art. 64 and subsequent articles of the Consumer Code.


7.1. All payments by the Buyer can only be made via credit card, Paypal, or bank transfer.

7.2. Payment by Bank Transfer

If the Buyer selects payment by bank transfer, the relevant bank details will be displayed. The ordered goods will be reserved for the Buyer until the payment is received. The bank transfer must be made within a certain timeframe specified by the Supplier (commonly within 2-3 working days) from the order confirmation, after which the order may be cancelled due to non-payment. The Buyer should use the order number as the payment reference.

7.3. Payment by Credit Card or Paypal

If the Buyer selects credit card or Paypal as the payment method, they will be redirected to a secure page or the Paypal website to complete the payment. The Buyer must enter the relevant data and confirm the payment.

7.4. Payment Confirmation

Upon successful payment, the Buyer will receive a payment confirmation via email, and the Supplier will begin processing the order. If the payment fails, the Buyer will be notified and will need to choose an alternative payment method or cancel the order.


The Supplier will deliver the goods by means of a carrier in the sense of Art. 1510, paragraph 2, Swiss Civil Code (ZGB), to the address provided by the Buyer.


9.1. The Supplier assumes no liability for any irregularities which are due to force majeure and which prevent or hinder or delay the execution of the contract.

9.2. The Supplier is liable to the Buyer only in the case of gross negligence or intent and is not liable for non-functioning or other problems associated with the Internet/homepage, etc., which are outside his control area or the control area of his sub-suppliers.

9.3. The Supplier is not liable for damages, losses, and expenses which are not attributable to him, whereby the Buyer, if applicable, only has the right to a refund of the paid price.

9.4. The Supplier is not liable for any misuse, etc. by third parties concerning credit cards and/or other forms of payment unless some gross negligence or intent or non-compliance with security conditions and regulations can be proven against him.

9.5. The Supplier is not liable for delays and/or the condition of the goods in the event that the goods are not accepted at the first delivery by the carrier or no one is found at the delivery address.


The Supplier is liable to the Buyer only in the case of gross negligence and intent, and the compensation is limited to the purchase price of the goods in any case.


11.1. The Buyer commits to paying the price in the form and times anchored in the contract, and the conclusion of the contract only takes place upon receipt by the Supplier of the purchase price. Only subsequently does the obligation on the part of the Supplier arise for the implementation and fulfillment of the contract or delivery of the goods by handing them over to the carrier in the sense of Art. 1510, paragraph 2, ZGB.

11.2. The Buyer is obliged, after completing the online purchasing procedure, to print and keep a copy of the order and this contract.


12.1. Data Handling

The Supplier will handle the Buyer’s data in compliance with applicable data protection laws. Personal data will be processed and stored securely and will not be shared with third parties for marketing purposes without the Buyer’s explicit consent.

12.2. Account Creation and Management

The Buyer can create an account on the Supplier’s website, through which they can manage their personal data, track orders, and utilize other functionalities offered by the website. The Buyer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account information.


13.1. Applicable Law

This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the country where the Supplier is established, without regard to its conflict of law principles.

13.2. Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract, including any question regarding its existence, validity, or termination, shall be referred to and finally resolved by the courts of the country where the Supplier is established.

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© 2023 Hannes Mair – All Rights Reserved.