High Quality Beef
made in South Tyrol

Our Philosophy


Since 1956, we have been refining meat and sausage specialties using traditional South Tyrolean butchering art.


For all our products, origin, processing, and quality are of primary importance.


Continuous innovation is just as much a part of our job as preserving time-honored traditions.


Our range extends from high-quality meat products to homemade sauces and spices.

High Quality Meat

We have been trusting our farmers for many years and maintain a proven partnership. The short distances to the slaughterhouse reduce the animals’ stress, keeping the meat free from stress and preserving its vitality. Your enjoyment is even greater.

Dry Aged Beef

Dry Aged Beef matures in a maturation chamber equipped with state-of-the-art technology. There, the released enzymes work wonders in about six to eight weeks. For this, we accept an unavoidable weight loss of up to 30%, but what remains is the concentrated, nutty flavor of perfected meat.

Handmade Spices

Elevate your culinary journey with our exquisite selection of handcrafted spices, carefully blended to enhance the flavors of your meat dishes. Each spice is crafted and mixed by hand to ensure the highest quality and authenticity. From the fragrant aroma to the rich depth of flavor, our spices bestow a mastery on every dish.

This is Hannes Mair

In the third generation, Hannes Mair, as a young, quality-conscious, and energetic butcher, has decided to continue the tradition and more than ever focus on local, authentic, and time-honored specialties.


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© 2023 Hannes Mair – All Rights Reserved.

© 2023 Hannes Mair – All Rights Reserved.